Theological Studies

Theological Studies illuminates the mind by exploring God and His relationship to all reality by examining Christian claims about God, humanity, nature, and their sources. The curriculum draws from the richness of Scripture and Tradition to include courses in fi ve major theological disciplines: biblical studies, systematic theology, sacramental theology, moral theology, and Church history. Theological Studies prepares students to integrate faith with personal, professional, and civic life to serve the Church and the world as servant leaders with moral courage, global understanding, and commitment to the common good. Graduates go on to pursue careers in teaching, church ministry, and the non-profit world. Many go on to advanced study and pursue a wide range of options. Read More (PDF)


Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies examines the Catholic Church’s comprehensive contributions to human thought and culture—both past and present—through interdisciplinary courses that integrate history, theology, economics and business, spiritual writings, art, music, drama, philosophy, health care, architecture, political thought, the sciences, education, and literature. Students of Catholic Studies are exposed to a rich cultural study that can inform and impact their broader university studies. Read More (PDF)


Master of Education

With a wide range of opportunities for the adult learner, the University of Mary Graduate Program in Education will help you achieve your goals and advance your career. You will enrich your professional knowledge, enhance your educational skills, and achieve higher levels of competence. Graduate coursework at the University of Mary will enable you to assume a leadership role in your school and in the broader field of education. Read More (PDF)


Master of Business Administration

UMary's MBA with Virtuous Leadership concentration are graduate business degrees designed to deepen your understanding and application of the importance and place of character, virtue, and happiness in managing for long-term business success. A robust, experiential learning program prepares participants to critically assess, analyze and direct the role and place of virtuous leadership in achieving fiscal success.