Guided by our faith we bring a multitude of academic fields to engage life’s most fundamental questions. The sciences, arts and humanities are integrated together to provide a more accurate picture of the whole.

I. Unity of Knowledge


We believe that faith and reason are two fundamental aspects of the human person and complementary means of pursuing truth. 

II. Complementarity of Faith and Reason



We prepare students for a lifetime of meaningful work. We provide intellectual and moral preparation for business professionals who lead ethically, for health care practitioners who care for the whole person – body, mind and spirit, for educators who help students develop their fullest human potential. Our Catholic values enliven every major we offer.

III. Formation of the Whole Person


We seek to understand and celebrate all that is good, true and beautiful. We approach the world with a sacramental imagination that seeks to examine how God is at work, and calling us to participate in His care for all of creation.

IV. Celebrating the Good, True and Beautiful



We are committed to making high-quality Catholic higher education accessible to everyone through competitive tuition and fees and generous financial aid.

V. Private and Affordable



We seek to serve the student and the broader community. We are non-profit institutions committed to being responsible stewards of the gifts that we have been given.

VI. Non-Profit


Did you know that Arizona's Catholic universities offer over 25 degrees?