A degree from a Catholic university is more than just a piece of paper, and proves more than just technical knowledge in the sciences, arts, humanities, or professional services, it is a testament to your knowledge about what it takes to grow in service to others, find meaning in your work, and succeed in life.


A good place to start is to consider which degrees are offered by each of the universities.


Undergraduate Degrees

Accounting Benedictine
Business Admin / Management Benedictine, St. Scholastica
Catholic Studies UMary
Communication Arts Benedictine
Computer Science Benedictine, St. Scholastica
Criminal Justice Benedictine
Health Information Management St. Scholastica
Fine Arts Benedictine
Nutrition Benedictine
Nursing, RN to BS Benedictine, St. Scholastica
Organizational Behavior St. Scholastica
Psychology Benedictine
Social Work St. Scholastica
Spanish Benedictine
Theology / Theological Studies UMary, Benedictine

Graduate Degrees

Business Administration (MBA) Benedictine, UMary
Graduate Education UMary, St. Scholastica
Health Information Management St. Scholastica
Health Informatics St. Scholastica
IT Leadership St. Scholastica
Project Management St. Scholastica
Rural Healthcare (MBA) St. Scholastica

Doctorate Degrees

Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy St. Scholastica
Doctor of Nursing Practice, (FNP, AGNP, PMHNP) St. Scholastica